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Upcoming Events


News & events (CORDIS: http://cordis.europa.eu/ist/ct/neweve/events.htm)

Important events in 2008

28-31 January 2008: HEALTHINF 2008 - Knowledge Discovery and DSS in Health Information Systems, Funchal-Madeira,Portugal

30-31 January 2008: PHS 2008 Consultation Workshop on Personal Health Systems, Tempere, Finland

30 January - 1 Februrary 2008: Pervasive Health 2008, Tempere, Finland

11 Februrary 2008: Alliance with Users - eGovernment Conference, Brdo, Slovenia

14 Februrary 2008: Mobility, Data Mining and Privacy - Preserving anonymity in geographically referenced data, Rome, Italy

4-5 March 2008: 2008-EU Japan Cooperation Forum on ICT Research, Tokyo, Japan

5 March 2008: Enabling better care through sustainable satellite-based Telemedicine Solutions, Cannes, France

10-12 March 2008: World Health Care Congress Europe 2008, Berlin, Germany

26-28 March 2008: Internet of Things 2008, Zurich, Switzerland

31 March 2008: The Future of the Internet, Bled, Slovenia

10 April 2008: European Problems clusters meeting, Strasbourg, France

16-18 April 2008: Med-e-Tel 2008, Luxembourg

14-16 May 2008: IST Africa 2008, Windhoek, Namibia

21-23 May 2008: pHealth 2008, Valencia, Spain

10-12 June 2008: ICT- MobileSummit 2008, Stockholm, Sweden

18-20 June 2008: Ethics, Technology and Identity, Delft, The Netherlands

26-27 June 2008: Mobility for All - ASK-IT final Conference, Nuremberg, Germany

1-4 July 2008: Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

25-27 August 2008: 17th International Conference on Information Systems Development - ISD2008, Paphos, Cyprus

22-24 October 2008: eChallenges e-2008 Conference, Stockholm, Sweden


Important events in 2007


1 February 2007: Information Day on European ICT Research & Development, Köln, Germany

7-8 February 2007: FTTH Council Europe Conference 2007 See Invitation FTTH 2007, Barcelona, Spain

12-15 February 2007: The 3GSM World Congress, Barcelona, Spain

15 February: Newcom dissemination day, Paris, France

22-23 February 2007: CELTIC EVENT 2007: Will take place in Berlin, Germany on 22-23 February 2007. The main purpose of this event is to advertise CELTIC, show project achievements and disseminate project results. It will be organised by Deutsch Telecom. The opening session planned on the 22 February (according to the tentative schedule) includes key notes (one expected by the EC Director of Networks and Communications Technologies). In addition to the standard parallel sessions organisation, there will be a Technology Platform sessions with representatives of NEM, NESSI, eMobility and ICI. In association to this event, CELTIC plans to hold the infoday 21 February, same place.

26 February 2007: ICT Challenge 1: Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures, Brussels, Belgium

26-27 February 2007: International ITG/IEEE Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA 2007), Vienna, Austria



20-21 March 2007: 8 th Concertation Meeting of IST-FP6 Communication Technologies projects and associated clusters, Brussels, Belgium

26-28 March 2007: IEEE Int'l Symposium on Power Line Communications (ISPLC) & Its Applications, Pisa, Italy



01-04 April 2007: EW 2007 (13 th European Wireless Conference), Paris, France

18-20 April 2007: IEEE DySPAN 2007 (IEEE International Symposium on New Frontiers in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks), Dublin, Ireland

23-25 April 2007: (65 th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference), Dublin, Ireland



14-15 May 2007:

"Bridging the Broadband Gap: Benefits of broadband for rural areas and less developed regions" , Conference & Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium

21-25 May 2007: IEEE IM 2007 (10 th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management), Munich, Germany



18-19 June 2007 : 3 rd workshop on 'Context Awareness for Pro-active Systems' - CAPS 2007, Guildford, United Kingdom. CAPS was originated by the IST project MobiLife (in 2005) and provides an active platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge in the area of context capturing and rendering for pro-active systems

24-28 June 2007: IEEE ICC 2007 (IEEE International Conference on Communications), Glasgow, UK



1-4 July 2007: The Twelfth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications: Aveiro, Portugal

1-5 July 2007: 16 th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit 2007, Budapest, Hungary



3-6 September 2007: 18 th IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio, Athens, Greece, PIMRC 2007 provides a global forum for presenting the most recent advances, the future technical challenges and business opportunities that comprise the contemporary landscape in wireless communications

16-20 September 2007: 33 rd European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication, Berlin, Germany

25-26 September 2007: 9 th concertation meeting, Brussels, Belgium


Other important links for events and news updates are:

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Creating Ubiquitous Intelligent Sensing Environments (CRUISE) http://www.ist-cruise.eu/
Wireless World Initiative New Radio (WINNER) https://www.ist-winner.org/

HIghly DEpendable ip-based NETworks and Services (HIDENETS)

e-SENSE: Capturing Ambient Intelligence for Mobile Communications through Wireless Sensor Networks http://www.ist-e-sense.org/