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Project Summary

The project SIDEMIRROR addresses the need for support of the research efforts undertaken within the communications and networks technologies domain, and namely under the strategic objectives "Mobile and wireless systems beyond 3G" and partially also "Broadband for all." These areas are fields which offer great potential in the context of the knowledge-based economy and society.

SIDEMIRROR aims at structuring and integrating the results/achievements of the relevant IST FP6 projects dealing with Mobile and Wireless Communications, Systems and Technologies, and disseminating these results through high-quality, thematic books to create a permanent record of the European R&D achievements. SIDEMIRROR adds real value to the programme activities because it will emphasise and further encourage the complementarity and multi-disciplinarity of European resources and capacities. The premise behind SIDEMIRROR is that high-quality and readily understandable information must be provided about the results of research in the area of mobile and wireless communications and that increased access to this information must be ensured for all, enabling progress in the different areas of interest to be understood, evaluated, studied, compared, and debated on a global scale. The SIDEMIRROR objectives will be achieved through the collaborative efforts of a consortium of a highly qualified academic R&D organisation and a renowned independent publishing company.

Project Objectives

The objectives of SIDEMIRROR are:

• To increase the competitiveness of European industry to benefit fully from the development of science and technology in a knowledge-based society by creating awareness of on-going research through a wide range of media;

• To bring researchers from different areas closer together by providing means for exchanging results and experience within the wireless communications and network technologies fields by participating in and promoting concertation activities;

• To promote the role of women in science and research;

• To address directly the candidate states (and those covered by INCO in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin) by joining forces to launch a yearly event that will promote the achievements of the relevant European projects and at the same time establish a basis for the involvement of researchers from these countries in the on-going European RTD activities;
• To collect, organise and disseminate the results of the FP6 Mobile and Wireless Communications, Systems and Technologies (M&WCS&T) projects for maximum scientific and commercial impact;

• To create a permanent record of the FP6 activities and achievements and serve as a focal point for proposals for upcoming IST calls; and

• To maintain openness of its dissemination activities by targeting all types of
audience worldwide.

Workplan – for whole duration of the project

Introduction - general description and milestones

This project assumes that all FP6 First Call projects, including SIDEMIRROR, will start the latest in January 2004 and that no FP6 project finishes later than October 2008. Should a number of important projects finish later, it might be necessary to publish one or more of the SIDEMIRROR books slightly later than stated in this technical annex in order to ensure the comprehensive nature of the books and the desired coverage of the FP6 portfolio.

To properly structure, integrate and disseminate the success stories of the Mobile and Wireless Communications, Systems and Technologies (M&WCS&T) area, it is necessary for the information obtained from each project to be properly disseminated and promoted to as large an audience as possible. SIDEMIRROR proposes to develop publications that will enable an effective and efficient promotion of the area in the scope of the IST FP6 Programme.

SIDEMIRROR will publish four books in which the results of the FP6 wireless projects will be organised thematically into objective, authoritative and valuable volumes presenting the results in a form ideal for global promulgation and permanent archiving of the achievements of the projects.

Four books will be published to the highest professional standards (publication date: end 2008). Edited by an experienced editorial team and published and marketed globally by a leading independent publisher, these books will together provide a comprehensive picture of the achievements of the projects, and will reach a global audience3. It is however not enough to publish information; it is vital to do it in a timely manner.

SIDEMIRROR proposes a wide-ranging and rapid dissemination of the results of the FP6 projects that will improve and secure the competitiveness of European companies in the global market. The Programme achievements will lead to the development of new products, services and ideas, hence the creation of new employment and methods of working. The competitiveness of Europe will thus be strengthened. The aforementioned information must also be available to individual researchers/engineers, libraries and universities, in order to allow for a thorough analysis of the output and also to encourage the development of knowledge of future engineers and scientists, who will be responsible for maintaining Europe’s position in the next generation of mobile communications. Due to the fact that the M&WCS&T domain is extremely broad, and the projects - Integrated Projects (IP), Networks of Excellence (NoE) and Specific Targeted Research (STREP) - will extend their activities over several years, it is necessary, both from a practical and scientific viewpoint to organise the output in four volumes according a well-thought time and work schedule.

To ensure that the information to be organised and synthesised in the volumes is comprehensive and up-to-date, active and regular participation is envisaged in the EC Concertation mechanism activities, including cluster meetings, relevant EC-organised workshops and the main IST events, including the Mobile and Wireless Summit. Support of clusters is seen as a good way to get to know the projects activities and achievements, and to get preliminary information that will be fed into the books (see Figure). The preparation and production of up-to-date leaflets about the set of IST projects in the M&WCS&T domain is also a means of following the projects step-bystep. This will promote the project’s activities on one-hand, and the European activities, on the other.

The organisation of a yearly event in a Candidate state4 will provide an opportunity of disseminating the results of the projects and of establishing useful contacts and the basis for joint co-operation. This will promote European integration in the pursuit of united and strong Europe.

Figure : Information flow within SIDEMIRROR and workpackage interdependencies